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Home » Mobily 60 Riyal Package 30 Days

Mobily 60 Riyal Package 30 Days

Mobily 60 Riyal Package

Mobily 60 Riyal Package 30 Days

Mobily 60 Riyal Package

Mobily 60 Riyal Package 30 Days

Unlimited Social Media

Mobily offers new social media add-ons for prepaid and post-paid customers that allow you unlimited usage on the following Apps. You can get a monthly, weekly, or daily subscription according to your need: you can use this social application without VPN , But If You Want To Browse Everything Then You Need Use A VPN Software Which Can Bypass Your Network Firewall Systems Then You Can Use Mostly Block Site Simply There Will Be No Issues With Our VPN Program,  Firstly You Need This Social Package

  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Google Duo
  • Facebook

How to Activate: Mobily 60 Riyal Package 30 Days

To subscribe, send the activation command of the required service in SMS to 1100

Unlimited Monthly Social 440 0440 SAR 60 / month
Unlimited Weekly Social 447 0440 SAR 20 / week
Unlimited Daily Social 441 0440 SAR 4 / day

More Details

sms Send 441 to 1100 – Daily

SMS 447 to 1100 – Weekly

SND 440 to 1100 – Monthly

 ussd *441# for Daily

*447# for Weekly

*440# for Monthly

*1100# -> 2. Mobily services -> 3.Messaging services -> 2. Social services

Mobily app My Line -> Social Media -> Social Daily / Social Weekly / Social Monthly


Web portal My Mobily -> My servies -> Messaging

Features & Rules:

  • The service cannot be used while roaming.
  • If the customer has unlimited data on his current package, he will not be eligible to activate the service.
  • The service can be activated on postpaid and prepaid packages.
  • Postpaid customers will not be able to subscribe to the service if the line statues is OG or Full barred.
  • For a prepaid customer, he cannot subscribe to the service if he does not have enough credit.
  • The validity of the monthly package for prepaid lines 30 days start from activation date.
  • The subscription fee for the monthly social media package will be calculated upon activating for postpaid lines according to the subscription date, and the amount will be calculated on the remaining days of the month only.

Mobily Package With VPN Settings

This Is Pinki Voip Application You Use This Software With a Social VPN Package. When You Use This Apps You Can Unblock All Network Smoothly Also You Can Unblock All Block Site Which Is Block By Mobile Network companies,

Mobily 30 Riyal Package

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Mobily 60 Riyal Package

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